Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That First Kiss

“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it's called the Present" -- Alice Morse Earle

Remember that first kiss, or opening that letter you received letting you know that you got admitted into the college of your dreams, or the feeling you got when you received that job offer that you really wanted? Each of those instances was a moment of bliss.

In that kiss, in that letter, in that phone call, one experiences pure joy. In that moment you don’t think about the heartache and the pain of getting to that point. And you certainly don’t think about the future and the new challenges that will arise. That moment is one of those rare instances where both the heart and the mind just want to sulk it in and enjoy.

Tonight is that moment for me and for us at Zaffron! If you’ve been following this blog you’ll remember that this journey began over a year ago, and in many instances much earlier, by three friends believing in a simple idea that kabobs and Middle Eastern food should be consumed more often. Since that start there have been many ups and downs …and some more downs. During this period I’ve had many sleepless nights and the white strands of hair on my head have grown exponentially :)

However, in this moment that roller coaster ride seems like a distant memory because earlier today we received our CO. Now for those in the know they’ll get what a CO means, as for the rest of us (including the Amir from 6 weeks ago), CO stands for Certificate of Occupancy – meaning we can officially open for business!!!

So now that the powers that be have signed off and that barricade wall covering our store has literally and symbolically come crashing down, our doors are open for business – although not fully, just yet. Even though we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and energy towards training our staff, we want to ease into our opening to ensure customers have a pleasant experience. So starting tomorrow and for the next several days we’ll be open for limited hours.

I have no doubt that once we’re open for business new challenges will surely arise and I’ll continue to moan and complain in future blogs. However, in this moment the problems of tomorrow can wait because now is about enjoying the moment.



  1. Congratulations! It's amazing that you guys have come so far with this dream. I can't wait to visit Zaffron the next time I'm in Philadelphia.

  2. Congratulations, Amir! This is amazing. Can't wait for the first one to open in Boston